Are you an aspiring track athlete with a need for a high performance set up?

Speed Works are now offering athletes the chance to be part of their team.

Jonas Tawiah Dodoo acts as Performance Director for Speed Works and is one of the leading sports coaches in the UK. Jonas has spent the past 10 years refining his coaching philosophy, learning from the best coaches and sports development systems in the world. Subsequently, he has successfully begun to bridge the gap between the talented novice athlete and the world class performer.

Speed Works is now offering athletes of all abilities the opportunity to train within a high performance training group. The group is based at Lee Valley Athletics Centre where athletes are given the chance to train in the same environment as elite athletes such as Chijindu Ujah, Darryl Nieta and Paralympian Olivia Breen.

Speed Works goal is to bridge the gap between development and elite athletes by providing all athletes with   access to specialist coaching, bespoke strength and conditioning programmes including prehab and rehab routines and consistent weekly sports therapy.   Speed Works firmly believes that in addressing all of the components in a complimentary and compatible way, significant improvements will take place in athlete health, efficiency and performance. Our research into elite training has resulted in the development of multiple international athletes in a variety of sports.

In exchange for a monthly membership fee the successful applicants will be given access to services such as:

  • Technical coaching
  • Individualised strength and conditioning
  • Progressive running programs
  • Sports Massage
  • Trackside therapy
  • Video reviews with Lead Coach
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Recovery and regeneration advice
  • Nutritional advice
  • Sport Psychology advice


We are interested in individuals who have a positive attitude, a good work ethic, desire to succeed, with a hunger to learn and grow in a competitive training environment.

In addition to the above we offer packages for overseas athletes.


If you would like to apply to be part of the Speed Works team or would like to know more information, then please get in touch by contacting stating your event, personal bests, short term and long term goals.

Coach and Therapy Internships – Apply Now!

September 2016 to August 2017 – Lee Valley Athletics Centre

The Speed Works training system focuses on the development of a high performance environment, fostered by the integration of coaching and sports medicine. Speed Works currently consult with a number of professional rugby and football teams as well as leading the coaching of World Class athletes such as Chijindu Ujah, Daryl Nieta, Olivia Breen.

Speed Works are offering 11 month internship’s in the following areas:
Performance Therapy
Performance Coaching

Speed Works is looking for the next generation of elite sports practitioners. The successful interns will be given opportunities to first “observe” and then “assist’ in the development of athletes. They will be guided through the concepts that underpin pedagogy, movement education, program design, strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and performance therapy.

Speed Works aim to fast track the successful applicant’s development and help them evolve their philosophy so that it can be applied to any sporting environment. With this in mind we have created an “intern swap”, where we exchange interns with other teams and organisations such as track and field groups, professional team sports and specialist sport clinics.

The performance therapists would need to have a relevant qualification and knowledge or experience in sport and human performance. Successful internship can result in a paid roll within Speed Works or at partner clinics.
The coaches would ideally have a coaching related degree or masters, or considerable time working in the field of strength & conditioning.

This position is voluntary and requires a commitment of 11 months, working 20 hours per week morning or evening. Selected interns will be required to attend a training camp abroad during April/May for 3 weeks. They may also be required to attend 3-4 competitions abroad during the summer. All expenses will be covered.
To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to by 8th August 2016.

Performance Therapists
The therapist’s role will be to support the team and the athletes towards maximising their health and efficiency through trackside therapy, post session treatment and supporting the rehabilitation process.
We are looking for qualified therapists (Soft tissue, Osteopathy, Physiotherapist etc) with knowledge and/or experience in sport and human performance.
The selected therapists will be lead by Gordon Bosworth founder of Much of the time will be spent comparing and contrasting assessment in the clinical setting versus assessment trackside. Further to this, the therapists will be challenged to observe running mechanics and learn to use this as their primary movement screen. In our experience the best therapists in the world can all “see” movement and understand its correlation with health and performance. Thus we think these are important skills for our interns.

Performance Coach
The coaching role is for individuals wanting to specialise in speed training and develop their specific knowledge in working with professional and elite athletes. We are looking for sports coaches with an experience working in strength and conditioning and understanding of athlete monitoring principles.
The selected coaches will work closely with the lead Speed Works staff, and will be exposed to a range professional sporting environments that we consult with. Much of the time will be spent observing the technical coaching of the athletes, collection of relevant speed and power data, and leading sessions in the weight room. The interns will be challenged to create programs that are complimentary and compatible with training goals set by the lead coach. In our experience the best coaches in the world have the ability to understand the connection between “health, efficiency and skill acquisition”, and tailor all units within a training program towards these goals. Thus we think these are important skills for our interns.