Speedworks offer a range of services.

Speedworks: Track and field athletes can join the team based at Lee Valley High Performance Centre and work with some of the fastest sprinters in the UK and many other countries. Athletes will be working with experienced coaches, providing each individual with a bespoke training program. Track side therapy is available to all our athletes and our resident strength & conditioning coaches are onsite observing each track session and supervising each gym session.

Visiting athletes: individually or with their coaches are welcome. Speedworks plays host to numerous athletes from all around the globe looking to experience Speedworks methods whilst partaking in the European and domestic circuit. We are based in London with good transport links making it easy for an athlete to travel to and from competitions.

Speedskills: We work with athletes from a number of different sports, all looking to improve speed and power within their sport. Be it athletics, bobsled, boxing, golf and team sports too. Speedskills works specifically with team sports on improving the pace of their game. Team games are played more frequently and at a higher tempo than ever before. We’re here to help meet this demand. We aim to enhance an individuals movement patterns making them better at acceleration/deceleration and reactivity for their sport. This can happen in isolation or in conjunction with team training/rehab.

Speedwise: We believe in coach and athlete education. we aim to upskill as many coaches, teachers, trainers, scientists and athletes as possible. Our goal is to improve the overall standard of coaching and development within the realms of speed. We welcome people to learn our methods and theories in workshops which we run regularly throughout the year. You can find out more about these on our Speedwise page.


Speedwise Events & Training Days

Join us for CPD training days or special events
Speed Works are now offering athletes the chance to be part of their team. - Jonas Tawiah Dodoo acts as Performance Director for Speed Works and is
Nov 05th, 2016
Speedworks: Speedwise workshop with guest speaker JB Morin - Calling all sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches and therapists who want

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