Speedworks Training are hosting various workshops throughout the year developed for Practitioners who lead, plan or deliver training and therapy interventions within a sporting setting. Each workshop will be led by a range of world class practitioners, who have experience in applying and then evolving scientific concepts within a high performance culture.

The performance sport environment can be found within amateur college teams all the way up to professional teams. It is embodied by a culture of consistent holistic development where expectations, objectives and processes are agreed upon across all athletes and staff.

Athletes are expected to be students of their sport, they are empowered with education and encouraged to take ownership of their development. Practitioners are expected to apply up to date methodology whilst creating objective markers of progression. Development of such a culture requires a combination of evidence based practice with experiential knowledge and a thirst to be better from all parties involved.

The current climate in evidence based practice and sport science can be complex and confusing. There is a range of information being shared across social media, online blogs, peer review journals, published books and online courses. All are competing in the sharing of information but rarely do we come across resources that clarify the process of bespoke application within the sports environment. 

This is further illustrated in a digital era where it is increasingly easy to collect “data” whereas the challenge is in interpretation and subsequent intervention within a multi-disciplinary program. 

Our speakers are carefully chosen individuals who have synthesised the complex world of sports science into their training principles.They have established their “outside the box” philosophies within elite performance environments, often going against the grain of their sports cultural constraints in order to establish new trends or standards of practice. They have a clear “logic led” training philosophy and are able to verbalise and adapt it to the variety of challenges that occur within the performance environment.