Here at Speed Works we pride ourselves on being very open about our philosophy and sharing our knowledge. We have been busy throughout the year presenting open workshops at Lee valley Athletics Centre as well as in-house workshops with visitors from the RFU and WASPS academy. After a successful workshop at West Bromwich Albion F.C. on speed for team sports with JB Morin we look forward to Jonas and JB joining forces on 5th & 6th November for a more in-depth look at the following:

Video analysis – technical attractors for acceleration, change of direction and maximum velocity
Teaching progressions and coaching cues
Applying Bonderchucks exercise classification to the periodisation of speed – progressive principles for team sports
S&C of the talented athlete – force Vs velocity
Practical session focusing on; progression of speed and acceleration drills, max V development, speed and power based plyometrics and plyometrics for change in direction

We believe the best form of learning is by feeling and doing. Come to our workshop and experience being an athlete under the Speed Works regime. Then put to practice some of the coaching cues and methods learnt on the day. Witness how our simple philosophy and system can solve complex multifaceted issues.
Get hands on help in JB’s session involving sprint analysis using coaching aids such as mysprint app, speed gun and optojump.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“Making fast people faster is one of the hardest things a high performance coach can do. Jonas has the unique ability to transfer highly technical knowledge into an easy to understand system which athletes, coaches and scientists can all deliver.
He is able to identify technical faults, training opportunities, coaching cues and training solutions to athletes of all levels in order to make them faster. He has been an important mentor of mine and his support to the GB women’s hockey team in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympics was invaluable.
The opportunity to learn from Jonas and one of the world leading sprint biomechanics researchers must not be missed.”

Ben Rosenblatt, High performance S&C coach – FA
This will be the last of these workshops for this year so don’t delay in booking your space.

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