Every sport needs speed.


So many of the best players in sport rely on their acceleration. If you can go from 0 to 100 faster than the rest, you're at a serious advantage. There's no room for error when you need to get to the ball first, get across the court in time, or to put pressure on the competition on the track.

Top Speed

Increasing your max velocity makes your life easier as a competing athlete.
Use less energy to keep pace, make critical moves in decisive moments, catch your competitors with a head start.
Everyone can get faster. That includes you.

Braking Strength

Athletes should not ‘pump’ the brakes when slowing down.
There is an art to decelerating that is unknown to most athletes and coaches. Starting, stopping, turning, lunging properly differentiates the good player from the great. Reduce injury risks by mastering braking strength.


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Our partnership with Loughborough University Sport allows any athlete to come and learn how to run fast on a world class sport campus.

As a footballer, I thrive with my team but also need to work on my individual game. Speedworks have helped me get stronger, faster and fitter by training hard whilst training smart.
Axel Tuanzebe
First Team Player, Manchester United FC
Jonas is a brilliant coach - he has a unique ability to quickly develop rapport with his players and operates with a strong methodology. He has good observation skills which make him a great staff member to have on board.
Eddie Jones
England Rugby Union, Head Coach

How we can help.


Face to face


Our athlete services cover all sports, ages and abilities. As a team we have accumulated numerous years of experience in different walks of life, from introducing young children to the foundations of running technique, fine tuning elite sprinters, footballers, rugby players, and returning injury prone athletes to stardom.
The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to coaching athletes; built over 7 years through coaching a variety of individuals - we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of performance improvement.


Face to face


You don’t need to be an expert in speed, but you certainly need to know how to coach it. We take great pride in having taught and mentored some great practitioners from all backgrounds of sport performance and rehab, some of whom have gone on to start their own businesses, work for top clubs or coach their own successful athletes.
Whether you require direct coaching exposure with face-to-face practicals, or simply to want to watch our webinars at your own convenience, our coach services will provide you with any help and education you may need.


Find out about some of the modern tools and equipment used at Speedworks as part of our training environment!


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