The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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The Ultimate Remote Coaching Platform

What is V-coach?

Vcoach allows everyone to gain access to our elite coaching support wherever you are in the world!

Our service allows for a bespoke remote coaching service through providing real-time feedback and custom 4-week programs designed for both speed and strength training. Tailoring programs to your unique needs, we offer flexible packages and monthly subscription options, providing continuous support on your speed journey.

Receive a linear or COD analysis with PSR report as an additional service with any of the packages. The analysis enables us to give you data driven feedback which helps guides the program even further. For more information on our analysis and reports please head to our Speed Solutions website.

Who is it for?

We work with a vast range of athletes and players across the globe, developing bespoke speed programs for track and field, football, NFL, rugby, GAA, tennis and the recreational runner.

We have a high level of expertise in training athletes and players who need a proficient combination of acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and curved running to excel at their sport.

Our programs are designed to cater specifically from junior through to elite level. We support athletes directly but also work with coaches and parents who are facilitating an athlete.

We offer discounts for those wishing to sign up for periods of 3 months and longer.

Choose your Subscription plan


  • 60min Zoom session
  • Live Session or Video Feedback Session
  • Technical Feedback
  • Individualised Program
  • Program through TrainHeroic App
  • Add-on Analysis (+£25)


  • 4 week individualised program
  • x2 live sessions or video feedback session
  • Technical Feedback
  • Exercise Demonstrations
  • Program through TrainHeroic App
  • Add-on Analysis (+£25)


Enquire Below
  • Customised plan for pro players and athletes
  • Individualised plan with daily check ins
  • Face to face sessions
  • Remote sessions
  • Video Feedback
  • Analysis and PSR reports
  • Liaising with team staff


How do the live sessions work?

The zooms are live coaching sessions or video feedback sessions. For live coaching sessions you will need a tripod, phone and wireless headphones or wireless speaker in order to communicate with the coach during the runs and to receive immediate feedback. The athlete will get warmed up prior to logging on and then the coach will start the session and communicate with the athlete during the exercises.

When does my subscription end?

You are signing up for 4 weeks intitially which can either continue automatically or you can cancel your subscription at any time. You choose if you would like to do one month or a series of months and you let us know when you intend to finish.

Can I change my package?

You can change your package at the end of the 4 week cycle.

How does the program work?

The program is completely tailored to the individuals needs and other commitments around other training.  We offer full programs or just a focus on the speed and running elements.

What happens if time frames don't work?

We try and accommodate most time frames but if logistics are unsuitable for an actual session then we can do a video review session instead.

If I want to add analysis, how does that work?

If you haven't already subscribed to it, then we can send an invoice.  You will just need to have your equipment (5 x 9 inch cones, tape measure and tripod) prior to testing.