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Speedworks are offering specialist coaching for all athletes and team players looking for that extra edge in performance or for those that are returning from an injury. These sessions are practical based and tailored to the client’s individual needs. Our experienced coaches will assess and identify areas of improvement and will give you the skills to be able to refine and improve. The service can be booked as a one-to-one session or as a small group (up to 6). For bookings at Loughborough, see Speedlab section below.

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Alan Murdoch
Marvin Rowe
Jonas Dodoo
Owen McNally
Joel Fearon

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For one-to-one bookings in Loughborough, a new collaboration between Speedworks and Loughborough University, the world’s leading university for sport. This service is specifically designed to build effective and efficient players and athletes, in which we will teach you the techniques necessary to maximise explosive strength, speed and robustness. Working alongside the performance support team at Loughborough University gives a unique combination of coaching prowess and performance support. You will have access to a team well versed with creating, supporting and working with Olympic medalists, world cup finalists, world champions and supporting athletes return to performance post injury (read more).

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