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Speed School Football (Face to Face)


Speed School is offering specialised speed performance sessions suitable for all sports, where speed and repeated speed underpin the technical capabilities for success e.g rugby, football, athletics, lacrosse, cricket, hockey. In partnership with Loughborough University, sessions are designed specifically for two age groups: 7-13 years and 14-18 year olds. We are also running Speed School in London at the Trent Park Football venue.

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Elliot Draper
Jonas Dodoo
Joel Fearon
Owen McNally
Alan Murdoch
Marvin Rowe

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Dates & Times

  • Loughborough University - Wednesdays 18:00-19:00 | Age group: 7-13 y/o
  • Trent Park (London) Introductory sessions - 20th and 22nd December 2021
    • 7-10 y/o - 09:00-11:00
    • 11-14 y/o - 11:00-13:00


  • Loughborough University - Book x4 sessions for 33% off with code: SWSKOOLF33
  • Trent Park (London) - Book both introductory sessions for 12.5% off with code: SWSKOOLF12
Note: Loughborough based athletes are also welcome to join Saturday speed school sessions but these are less specific to football.
For a free taster session in Loughborough, please email [email protected]

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