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V-Coach (Virtual)


V-Coach is a remote coaching service in which you receive a highly individualised program delivered via the TrueCoach app; up to 12 virtual live sessions per month via Zoom; and the inclusion of bespoke motion analysis generated using our Binary Sports Analysis X Speedworks app - all that is needed to set concrete, precise and personalised goals. The programs and sessions we offer are based on your profile, your sport and its demands, and around your goals - hard work and commitment always results in improvement and success.

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Elliot Draper
Jonas Dodoo
Joel Fearon
Owen McNally
Marvin Rowe
Mark Hokan
Julie Dodoo

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For all bookings, book your first appointment now - your next appointments will be booked after discussing with your coach.
  • V-Coach Gold - x12 sessions (email [email protected])
  • V-Coach Silver - x8 sessions
  • V-Coach Bronze - x4 sessions
  • V-Coach Lite - x2 sessions
  • V-Coach Single session - 30min or 60min