Commitment/Contract Term: Part-time

Salary: Dependent on experience

Location: Remote

This position is part-time and expected to be fulfilled in a "work from home” capacity, with flexible working hours.

If you believe you fit the requirements for this position please direct your correspondence to [email protected] and include the following:

  • Job reference code in the subject line.
  • Attached a curriculum vitae and covering letter.
    Use a blue headed document with the inclusion of the Speedworks logo.
  • Completion of any additional tasks as specified for the role.

Failure to fulfill any of the above will result in no further consideration of your application.
NOTE: this position is only open to applicants who have enrolled onto or have completed the ‘Speedworks Virtual Internship’!

Job Outline

A part-time position is available for anyone who has enjoyed learning from Speedworks, has thoroughly understood the philosophy underpinning our content, and gets excited about teaching and sharing the message with others. You will need to be competent in video processing or graphic editing using relevant software. This includes an ability to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe packages. To be considered for this position please send us a creative piece of work that summarises 3 key lessons you learnt from the internship. This should combine both written word and graphics/imagery (still or video). Content produced within this role will likely be used for social media, free articles/blogs and coach education.

Thank you for your interest in our roles and for supporting Speedworks continuously. All the best!