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Assistant Sports Scientist
& Coaching Intern


Commitment/Contract Term: Full-Time (25+ hours), Fixed Term: 6-months

Salary: Voluntary. Remunerated with access to Speedworks courses, in-house CPD’s and software where applicable

Location: Loughborough (Loughborough University), London (Lee Valley Athletics Centre) or Bath (Glasshouse Playing Fields)

This position requires a commitment of between 25 to full-time hours and will be fulfilled in an in-person capacity, with a high degree of flexibility necessary.
There are three positions available, one at each site: Loughborough, London, and Bath. To be considered please make sure you state in the subject line of your correspondence which location you are applying for.

If you believe you fit the requirements for this position please direct your correspondence to [email protected] and include the following:

  • Job reference code in the subject line.
  • Attached a curriculum vitae and 3-minute video explaining why you want and believe you’re suitable for this position.
  • Completion of any additional tasks as specified for the role.

Failure to fulfill any of the above will result in no further consideration of your application.

Job Outline

A full-time position is available for those individuals interested in a dual sports science and coaching role working alongside both elite and developmental athletes. The successful candidate must have a considerable understanding and passion for both sports science and coaching (not just one or the other). The role requires use of a Mac laptop/desktop, a good understanding of Microsoft Excel and an awareness of MatLab. An avid interest in sports technology as well as strength and sprint profiling is advantageous. In particular this position should particularly appeal to those considering engaging with any sprint related research in the upcoming 2021/22 academic year - as this role will serve as good preparatory material. An ability to analyse and write up mini research projects from Speedworks training data is therefore desirable. The successful candidate should be capable of working both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team, have regularly working and well-connected internet, and be able to maintain focus for extended periods of time. In order to register your interest for this role please begin your covering letter with a potential mini project that you think would be of interest and possible to complete with the athletes, clients and coaches within the Speedworks network.

Thank you for your interest in our roles and for supporting Speedworks continuously. All the best!