The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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How we help coaches

Speedworks training specialise in speed and movement and we understand the requirements and demands that are needed to run fast and efficiently. We want to support coaches from all sports, by providing top-tier coach education tailored specifically for coaches who work with speed and movement. Access cutting-edge coach education materials, resources, and courses from anywhere in the world through our user-friendly online hub. Learn at your own pace and convenience, with insights from industry experts. We also offer face-to-face opportunities for those seeking hands-on experience and personalized guidance, in the form of workshops, seminars and a immersive 5 day coach development program . Interact with our seasoned coaches, engage in practical training, and refine your skills.
Learn how top coaches think

Alongside our own expert coaches, we deliver a variety of workshops, webinars and educational services in collaboration with other industry leaders to discuss all things speed and rehab.

Gain practical experience

Coaching is about problem solving. With 10 year experience, we know what is important and what isn't. We read all the latest research and figure out if it is relevant to practical coaching. We teach through self-practice; trying the exercises as a coach to discover why it works yourself.

Join our network

Stuck where you are? Settled? Many coaches we have supported have found success. Be it career progression, becoming a Speedworks coach, gaining employment with national organisation’s or beginning their own coaching practices – whatever your goals, we can help get you there.

Online Courses

Dive into our online courses which are delivered in easily digestible micro lessons via your dashboard. All content is pre-recorded so you can work at your own pace.

Virtual Internships

More so than ever with the restraints of the pandemic it’s becoming a huge challenge for aspiring and established coaches to differentiate themselves from the crowd...

Online Workshops

A collection of recorded workshops given by the Speedworks team, made available for online viewing.

Using Sprinting as a Movement Screen – Theory and Practical


Face to face theory and practical workshops with a range of topics and world class deliverers. The workshops are all about sharing methodology and then applying this in a practical setting.


Our coach development program offers a 5 day immersive program covering a range of modules to enhance your coaching skills. We also offer remote support via online video calls. The goal is to provide the upmost clarity on coaching, data interpretation and to maximise the efficacy of your speed programme.

Online Zoom Call

Book a one-to-one call below

Speedworks Mentorship Scheme (SMS)

The coach mentorship scheme revolves around three key areas;  planning, coaching and reflection.

To accelerate you through the coaching process, together we will develop long term coaching case studies through the use of speed profiling and the three key areas mentioned above.

You will be asked to nominate yourself, a client, colleague or squad of players that you can plan, coach and monitor their development over time. This ideally works with clients/players you work with on a day to day basis, but can also include those you coach online or indeed yourself.

What's included

  • Initial 45 min review to identify the needs of the coach, discuss the process and to plan the monthly contact times 
  • 2 hour monthly review session at Loughborough University. This can be spent going through practical training scenarios with just yourself or your accompanying athlete/player, reviewing video and data of previous training cycles, talking on logistics of work/life and relationship building, observing coaching and anything else we believe could accelerate your learning and application. If face to face is not possible then we can provide the session on zoom.
  • Video feedback and analysis from footage you have provided.
  • 2 x 30min appointments via phone/zoom per month. This can be used to trouble shoot and identify areas that you need guidance on relevant to video feedback shared or any new issues that have arisen.

This mentorship scheme requires a minimum commitment of 3 months so that we can go on this journey together. If you would like additional contacts, club visits and video analysis performed for entire squads, this can be arranged.

  • £ 600
    per month (min 3 month)
  • Speedworks Mentorship Scheme (SMS)

Jonas is a trusted friend and confidant - it’s so important to have colleagues that have a growth mindset, whom you can lean on for advice and at times challenge your beliefs in becoming a better coach and person.

Tom Myslinski S&C Coordinator for Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

Speedworks have had a dramatic and lasting effect on how we do strength and conditioning for football. Building efficient and elastic players has become easier through the use of specific drills and resisted runs. The speedworks framework has allowed us to develop underpinning qualities for hamstring health through specific actions. This is an efficient way to train the players as season where we are limited in the dose of training we can actually do.

Andreas Beck High Performance Coach for Dortmund

Jonas to this day remains one of my key mentors, not just professionally but in life, and I think that is a true marker of someone who has had clearly a big impact on your world. I started working with Jonas in 2015, first as an intern, then as a paid member of staff. I came to him following my time working as a PT and spending time in British Sailing. He opened my world to doing things differently.

Ruth Waghorn Current: Physical performance coach, Previous: Intern at SpeedWorks

Jonas is a brilliant coach - he has a unique ability to quickly develop rapport with his players and operates with a strong methodology. He has good observation skills which make him a great staff member to have on board.

Eddie Jones England Rugby Union, Head Coach

As a footballer, I thrive with my team but also need to work on my individual game. Speedworks have helped me get stronger, faster and fitter by training hard whilst training smart.

Axel Tuanzebe First Team Player, Manchester United FC

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