Coaching Eye Webinar Session 3 – Max Velocity

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Jonas Dodoo will take you through his philosophy on how to analyse sprinting gate using simple tools and templates. You will learn to reduce the noise associated with sprinting, distinguishing which shapes and numbers to focus on and which ones to ignore.

Jonas will identify exercises across a continuum of general – specific strength and identify how they are applied within his training philosophy. There will be a specific reference to dynamic correspondence within training design and how to select drills to both teach and train movements and muscles that relate to sprinting e.g. how to use dribbles and wickets to manipulate stride characteristics and the implications when reverse engineering sprint programs and running rehabilitation progressions.

Featuring interviews with:

  • Dan Pfaff
  • Shayne Vial
  • Dr. Andy Franklyn-Miller

This workshop is for any practitioner helping players and athletes improve their speed, speed reserve and running economy. The content will be heavily underpinned by scientific evidence but shaped by experience in the field. Come and learn our simple methods for navigating the complex world.

The webinar covers 5 areas:

  • Heuristics of upright running – a micro and macro look into sprinting and running analysis by Jonas Dodoo
  • Foot up and spine down considerations in rehabbing the hamstring by Dan Pfaff
  • 3D gait analysis of football players with and without match specific fatigue by Shayne Vial
  • Movement analysis and machine learning in running rehab by Dr Andrew Franklyn-Miller

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About the instructors

Jonas Dodoo

Director of Speedworks Training and Founder of Speedworks Charity

Jonas looks after a group of Elite Track and Field Sprinters who have attained success on the Olympic and World stage. He also oversees the Speedworks Charity Program for a fast-evolving Development Group which runs out of the Lee Valley Athletic Centre and is now the Head Coach for a new academy based in the East Midlands. In addition to this, Jonas has consulted with many many Professional Sports Teams and individual players, including Derby County FC, West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal, Bath RFU, Northampton Saints, Wasps Academy, Rugby 7’s and Rugby 7’s speedster Dan Norton. Jonas is now a world renowned sprints coach and known for his technical expertise in sprinting.
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