Virtual Internship Series – May 2021 Group


More so than ever with the restraints of the pandemic it’s becoming a huge challenge for aspiring and established coaches to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Jobs are suffering, in-person internships are logistically unviable, accreditation assessments are being cancelled left, right, and centre, and most academic courses are replacing all their practical content with written material.

So yes, whilst you may have a certificate in hand and a degree under your belt, can you deal with a problem when it arises and find the answers to your questions when you go it alone?

More info: https://speedworks.training/virtual-internships/

What Will I Learn?

  • Building the 100m sprinter.
  • Speed is for all coaches and athletes.
  • Debunking the myths about speed training.
  • The psychology of speed.
  • How to re-introduce speed to the rehabilitating athlete.
  • Identifying breaks in the chain – coaching eye.
  • Overcoming barriers to speed.
  • A typical exercise menu and useful coaching cues.
  • Assess don’t guess – how to complete a full motion analysis in just 10-minutes.
  • Becoming a coach consultant / How to make it as a self-employed coach.
  • How to coach through COVID.
  • Keeping your head above the rest – standing out in the crowd.

Topics for this course

83 Lessons

Week 1 Monday

Monday Webinar 1 – Welcome message2:51
Monday Webinar 2 – Coaching Eye Presentation42:37
Monday Webinar 3 – Fundamentals of Acceleration1:26:28

Week 1 Wednesday

Week 1 Friday

Week 1 Zoom Q&As

Binary Tutorials

Week 2 Monday

Week 2 Wednesday

Week 2 Friday

Week 2 Zoom Q&As

Week 3 Monday

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Week 3 Zoom Q&As

Week 4 Monday

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Week 4 Friday

Week 4 Zoom Q&As

About the instructor

Jonas Dodoo

Director of Speedworks Training and Founder of Speedworks Charity

Jonas looks after a group of Elite Track and Field Sprinters who have attained success on the Olympic and World stage. He also oversees the Speedworks Charity Program for a fast-evolving Development Group which runs out of the Lee Valley Athletic Centre and is now the Head Coach for a new academy based in the East Midlands. In addition to this, Jonas has consulted with many many Professional Sports Teams and individual players, including Derby County FC, West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal, Bath RFU, Northampton Saints, Wasps Academy, Rugby 7’s and Rugby 7’s speedster Dan Norton. Jonas is now a world renowned sprints coach and known for his technical expertise in sprinting.
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Target Audience

  • Coaches, athletes anyone seeking to understand speed