Speedworks is the official UK distributor for EXER-GENIE®


Speed trainer by EXER-GENIE® comes as a 30 and 60-meter speed development system adjustable, portable and variable resistance training tool with a 30m or 60m training line.

EXER-GENIE® is designed to improve speed and agility for any sport.

What’s included with the EXER-GENIE®:

Choose thisEXER-GENIE® speed development system for running or skating speed, functional movement, functional rehab and power development. EXER-GENIE® is also perfect for home speed training workouts and youth sports training.

EXER-GENIE® is more convenient than sleds, more versatile than chutes and safer than rubber bands…”one unit…infinite use” especially useful for functional rehab and power development.

EXER-GENIE® is so compact it fits in a shaving kit or draw string bag – making it highly portable.

It’s convenient to store at home or bring to the gym and a breeze to travel with.

Anchor EXER-GENIE® in a door frame, hang it on a branch, or any solid surface – it’s versatile and convenient, literally crank up your workout with the twist of a wrist. Our resistance dial lets you fine-tune the difficulty level.

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