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Physical development for acceleration, agility and repeated sprint ability

Our services are open for a 2 weeks in October on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:

Sessions can be booked via our website booking system (see below).

Beyond the technical and tactical prowess of football comes a growing demand for athletes. Our program is designed to build effective and efficient players, through which we will teach you the techniques necessary to maximise explosive strength, speed and robustness specific to the fast-paced nature of football (see our courses for further education).

Skills covered

With face to face sessions running 3-days a week, there are various avenues to engage with Speedworks Football Performance; be it one-off sessions, or an entire week’s programme with the addition of distance learning when off-site. For those who cannot make on-site sessions there is an option to be coached virtually through video calls (VCoach).

All clients will gain access to distance learning materials through our TrueCoach app. This will give you detailed written programs and video instructions for all the extra training you will be asked to do between our sessions.

Additional content

Our TrueCoach program is a tried and tested system for making elite football players “fit for purpose”. That is more resilient for the demands of the game.

All players will be given exposure to cutting-edge motion analysis testing and will receive a bespoke speed profile which can be used for regular reflection and progress records.

For 1-2-1 training, session focuses and location is open for discussion on an individual basis.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Speedworks family.

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