The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Dan Norton – Gamespeed Program – Powered By Speedworks


Dan Norton power by Speedworks Training is an exciting new speed and agility programme coupled with online education “Classroom Series” helping athletes not only perform better physically, but thrive psychologically too.


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The programme focuses on 3 main physical attributes, with each being focused on once per week;

  • Acceleration
  • Max Speed
  • Agility

Additionally, signees will have exclusive access to a 4 part “classroom series” where Dan will give an honest reflection on his career, the lessons he has learnt and offer advice to other athletes on how to maximise their development in the face of common challenges. The 4 part series will focus on;

  • The Psychology of Speed (Dan discusses how growth mindset and imagery play a part in developing confidence)
  • Performance Ready (performance preparation, recovery and nutrition tips from Dan based on his career of experience)
  • Player Cam (reflections and commentary from Dan on game play footage, giving an insight into his tactical and technical decision making)
  • Q&A session (Dan addresses common questions regarding player development and what it takes to reach the top!)

Across the 12 week programme, Dan will bring you over 75 video tutorials of his MUST HAVE exercises that have helped him prepare and excel on the WORLD STAGE.

By the end of the 12 week programme, athletes will be fitter, faster, more agile and better educated than they have ever been on what it takes to develop as an athlete.