Training Programs

4-12 week periodised training programs tailored to individual needs

We will be offering the programs at a 25% discount until January 1st 2021.

Speed has no limits! We are excited to launch our new ‘Speedworks Training Program’, a training system for athletes striving to reach their potential but are limited by a lack of speed and power, poor running technique or simply have injuries holding them back.

Regardless of the sport, speed is essential to improve and thrive, and can be decisive in many competitions. There was a time where being slow in a defensive position, being a large aggressive player or having really good aerobic fitness was enough to get by. However, the modern athlete is expected to both be clinical and fast, aggressive and explosive, smart as well as athletic. Be it field sports vs court sports, team vs individual; speed is critical to unlock your potential.

Example example of our periodisation process

Our system has been used to successfully develop players and athletes from around the world, including all ages and abilities. It has been designed to ensure everyone can improve their acceleration, deceleration, speed, strength and stamina as well as decrease the risk of injury.

Your program will progress across three stages:

  1. Speed Conditioning
  2. Speed Training
  3. Event/Sport Specific Speed

This means we will first develop the strength, technique and fitness needed to be fully prepared, then guide you on the best ways to increase your speed before lastly teaching you how to transfer your speed into your specific sport and position.

Speedworks Athlete Community

This is a unique opportunity to belong to a network of athletes worldwide with whom you can share your experiences, measure yourself against and learn from one other. Our ‘Speedworks Athlete Community’ provides athletes like yourselves with a place for interaction and help, where exclusive weekly content will be shared by the Speedworks Team to further support your program, understand how to improve and how speed will impact your performance in its different capacities. Further to this, the Speedworks Athlete Community will be an opportunity to meet those on a similar journey, ask questions to your training fellows, and in turn our team members via live FAQ sessions.

How it works?

Initially you will be asked to fill out a preliminary questionnaire so we can best match your athlete profile with the program which suits you.

This program is designed to help you improve your competition specific speed, acceleration, strength and power, to reduce injury risk and allow you to become more confident in your performance. All of our clients have improved and have transitioned from a mindset of surviving to thriving within their sport.

We look forward to having you on board! Welcome to the Speedworks Family.