Speedworks Training offers a consultancy service for coaches, therapists, scientists and managers who are seeking assistance in developing their performance environment.

Our consultancy provides an opportunity for sports teams to learn the philosophy we apply to training some of the fastest people in team sports.  We will share important methods to develop the coaching eye as well as effective programming tactics to individualise the development of strength, power and movement efficiency of all players across the entire year.


We believe in holistic development where expectations, objectives and processes are first agreed upon and secondly continually worked towards across all athletes and staff.


Our values are underpinned continual improvement, growth mindset and togetherness. Athletes are expected to be students of their sport and are empowered to take ownership of their development. Staff members are expected to combine evidence-based practice with experiential knowledge and then apply high levels of emotional intelligence in order to optimise working relationships with all stake holders.
We offer different levels of engagement for our clients.


Workshops: Theory and practical workshops on Power, Speed and S&C related topics can be delivered to in-house to staff and sports teams.


Performance Advisor: Support can be provided on creating a inter-discipline training philosophy to maximise team development of acceleration and speed and optimisation transfer to game speed. This includes providing a training inventory and programming guidelines that enables agile planning for year round speed and power development. This service is provided for team sports and sports organisations and includes specialist rehabilitation projects.


For more information regarding any of the services offered, please email: [email protected]