The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Speed Matters – Level 1

Create confidence in your coaching


The “it depends” is something that often remains untouched in the realms of online courses.  So we’ve teamed up with Grey Matters to blend the science and art of coaching, and provide you with everything you need to create confidence in your coaching.

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What does the Level 1 course cover?

The Level 1 course will cover all things fundamentally required to effectively coach and programme acceleration and maximum velocity.  But, the big emphasis here is on the word coach.  Each week will contain a combination of video lectures and breakdown videos, as well as handouts for key principles and summaries of the weekly content for you to keep, to give you what you need to exceed as a coach.

  • Week 1 will address biomechanics and coaching eye.  Through this you’ll gain more knowledge on what efficient and effective looks like and the biomechanical underpinnings of successful performance.  This includes walkthrough breakdowns from expert coaches to help remove the confusion of exactly what to look at.
  • Week 2 dives into programming.  Following Week 2, you’ll learn key principles for programming both gym and field work for the athlete, and how to apply these in a rehab setting.  This will include a breakdown of a sample 6 week rehab programme (also included as a handout).
  • Week 3 is all about refining your coaching process.  Through Week 3 you’ll be given a tour of what to consider when coaching the athlete, and how to fine tune your approach to their biopsychosocial profile.  Also included will be a breakdown videos from expert coaches commenting over real sessions they have delivered, to provide clarity on the ‘why’ and ‘it depends’ for interventions they have selected for the athlete.
  • Week 4 is matching the application to the organisation.  You’ll be provided information on important factors for creating the best environment for the athlete and how to approach creating coherence in your setting.  This will include a roundtable discussion from expert coaches on problem solving in high performance teams, as well as hearing from elite athletes on what a coherent environment means to them.

What does the Level 1 course include?

  • Hours of video content including technical, programme, and coaching breakdown videos, as well as discussions with industry experts and elite athletes
  • Handouts for you to keep that summarise key principles and weekly content
  • Sample 6-week rehab programme including speed and gym work

Jonas is a trusted friend and confidant - it’s so important to have colleagues that have a growth mindset, whom you can lean on for advice and at times challenge your beliefs in becoming a better coach and person.

Tom Myslinski S&C Coordinator for Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

Speedworks have had a dramatic and lasting effect on how we do strength and conditioning for football. Building efficient and elastic players has become easier through the use of specific drills and resisted runs. The speedworks framework has allowed us to develop underpinning qualities for hamstring health through specific actions. This is an efficient way to train the players as season where we are limited in the dose of training we can actually do.

Andreas Beck High Performance Coach for Dortmund

Jonas to this day remains one of my key mentors, not just professionally but in life, and I think that is a true marker of someone who has had clearly a big impact on your world. I started working with Jonas in 2015, first as an intern, then as a paid member of staff. I came to him following my time working as a PT and spending time in British Sailing. He opened my world to doing things differently.

Ruth Waghorn Current: Physical performance coach, Previous: Intern at SpeedWorks

Jonas is a brilliant coach - he has a unique ability to quickly develop rapport with his players and operates with a strong methodology. He has good observation skills which make him a great staff member to have on board.

Eddie Jones England Rugby Union, Head Coach

As a footballer, I thrive with my team but also need to work on my individual game. Speedworks have helped me get stronger, faster and fitter by training hard whilst training smart.

Axel Tuanzebe First Team Player, Manchester United FC

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