Speed School

Specialised performance sessions for all young sportspeople

We are excited to introduce to you our new ‘Speed School’ initiative. A project focused on offering specialised performance sessions suitable for all sports, where speed and repeated speed underpin the technical capabilities for success e.g rugby, lacrosse, cricket, hockey, football, athletics and so on. Our sessions will be separated into two age groups: 7-13 years and 14-18 year olds, with clients grouped according to their sporting focus. We will host two distinct sessions per week, with two slots per focus area to maximise availability. To ensure appropriate loading and recovery attendance is limited to a maximum of two sessions per week.

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Speed Development Session - focusing on:

Agility - focusing on:

  • Accel/Decel
  • Change of direction (COD)
  • Braking strength
  • Evasion drills
  • Conditioning for speed/injury prevention
  • Speed School will launch the week beginning 16th November 2020


    Mon - Speed Development

    Tues - Accel and change of direction

    Thurs - Speed development

    Fri - Accel and change of direction

    Whats the end goal?

    In just 5 weeks, you can expect to be: