Speedworks Athletics


Lead Coach – Owen McNally

Supported by – Jonas Dodoo, Joel Fearon Marvin Rowe and Speedworks Team

Location – Loughborough University

Owen McNally


Speedworks Academy are continually expanding their provision of world class training to enable another wave of talented juniors to receive the necessary support to transition into elite senior athletes. We have greatly subsidised our typical training prices in order to support as many athletes as possible, and to provide the opportunity of regular training in a group set up with us.


Athletics Group Training

Train up to 3x per week from as little as £10 per session.


Group Sessions Pricing

Group Sessions Pricing

Program + Discount
Full Squad Training
Full program included
(Individual session price £10 - reduced from typical price £80)
1 month minimum
2-3 Track & Field sessions/week
Training days: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Bookings not yet open.
Partial Squad Training
Full program included
(Individual session price £15 - reduced from typical price £80)
1 month minimum
1 Track & Field sessions/week
Either: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Bookings not yet open.
Single Squad Session
Discount available for additional program and VCoach
Pay as you go
Sessions available Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday
Bookings not yet open.

Speedworks Academy will also be touring the country to bring bespoke technical coaching to your doorstep. Locations will include:

…with more locations to come.

Our coaches offer specialised coaching with sessions aimed specifically at improving  the acceleration and maximum velocity phases of sprinting as well as the horizontal jumps. Overseen with a keen coaching eye to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your movement, our bespoke online programs using the TrueCoach app is brought to you to help the development of all things speed. Whether it be increasing power production, maximal strength capabilities or preventing and rehabilitating injuries; this program can cater for you with individualised daily training schedules and a library of videos to aid the execution of exercises.

At Speedworks we approach training with a holistic approach: meaning our coaches can coach speed, strength, movement, power and can be rehabbers when needed. Speedworks has developed some of Britain’s greatest talents from the junior level including: CJ Ujah, Reece Prescod, Daryll Neita, Greg Rutherford, Ojie Edoburun, Olivia Breen, Imani Lansiquot, Dominic Ashwell and Oliver Bromby amongst others… so come join the team!

We have ambitions to support athletic development on a national level. You have full control of your commitment and can choose how much you engage with our programs, with options to adopt a collaborative approach to provide support with your current club training.


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