Summer Speed Series



About the series

This summer Speedworks is playing host to some of the top specialists in performance sport.

The four part series of coach education workshops will focus on technical and physical development for speed based sports. Specifically we will answer the question of “How can technology inform decision making when searching for more speed, health and performance”

Stiffness, reactivity and pre activation are critical qualities required for all explosive sports. Implementing a programme to develop these areas eventually requires working at high velocities and intensities. This can be challenging and requires a complimentary and compatible training process. There is risk and reward in the process, what can we do to limit the risks and maximise the rewards?

The deliverers will share the evidence behind their philosophies and provide insight into how attendees can create a speed based framework for both medical and performance teams to align to. This will identify what they measure, why they measure it and how the symphysis of the data helps support categorisation of athletes, exercise selection and training cycle design.

Methods of collecting data will be explored, specifically though the use of the 1080 sprint, video analysis tools and force plates and iso-inertial machines, to look at eccentric overload, overspeed/resisted running, jump analysis, isometric joint assessment and step characteristics. These will be integrated into the workshops with live examples and opportunities to practically participate.

Microcycles and mesocycles will be discussed with specific attention of how to design pre-season training in order to support in-season speed development and health. We will share a no nonsense approach to developing robustness and technical efficiency.


Part 1

Sat 9th May
Toby Smith
Strength and Conditioning for Sprinting - Strategies for physical preparation and return to play

Part 2

Sat 16th May
Dan Pfaff
Sprint Diagnostics for Health and Performance in Team Sports.

Part 3

Sunday 14th June
James Wilde
Strength Diagnostics for Acceleration Development in Team Sports.

Part 4

Sat 11th July
Damian Harper
The assessment and interventions for deceleration and change of direction


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Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Enfield, London, N9 0AR

For more information and any enquiries, please contact [email protected].