The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Gamespeed Workshop

Date: 23rd July 2022
Timings: 09:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Venue: Wasps Elite Performance and Innovation Centre, Henley in Arden, B95 6AB

Speedworks Training are excited to announce they will host a special performance workshop at the prestigious and new Wasps Rugby Performance and Innovation Centre on 23rd July. 
The workshop will cover 3 main areas of performance:
  • Speed Profiling with Jonas Dodoo. Jonas will take participants through the Speedworks profiling process, simplifying what can often be mistaken for complicated! The profiling process will look to address inefficient movement solutions and determine appropriate interventions to allow you to “bucket” athletes and individualise your coaching, even in a group or team sport setting. This is a must for all team sport practitioners who are involved in the development of speed with their athletes. 
  • Sports Medicine with Ed Mias. Ed will take us through the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to identify deficiencies within the athlete during the most applicable and specific task of all…Sprinting! If sprinting is our movement screen, decision making regarding return to play and performance becomes much easier. 
  • Gamespeed with Al Murdoch and Hailu Theodros. To round off the day, Al will take attendees through the Speedworks Gamespeed model in an applied setting. This part of the workshop will tie in the previous 2 components, looking at the transfer of straight line speed and change of direction principles into the game. This particular section will also look at how the Gamespeed model is particularly applicable in the injury rehab world, ensuring athletes are fitter, faster and more evasive than pre-injury. 
£50 discount until 1st July (full price £250)


Jul 23 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



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Wasps Elite Performance and Innovation Centre
Stratford Road, Henley-in-Arden, B59 6AB
Alan Murdoch


Alan Murdoch

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Hailu Theodros
Hailu Theodros