The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Senior Speed Camps

Speed Camps for Team Sports Players for Off/Pre season

Senior Camp


improve your Capabilites

Speed 100%
Change of direction 100%
technique 100%

Led by our expert coaches specialising in speed and movement, our 2-day Senior Speed Camps are tailored to push the limits of your speed and agility, setting you up for the season ahead. Participants will explore and refine the techniques for linear speed, change of direction, and apply these skills into their game. This camp is aimed at senior players 17 years and above.


2h30 – 3h per day


£75.00 per day


3rd June 2024


Your Coaches

Jonas Dodoo

Owen McNally

Matt Hill


Speed Camp


Camps will take place the following weeks

June 2024
Monday 3
June 2024
Monday 10
June 2024
Monday 17
June 2024
Monday 24
July 2024
Monday 1
July 2024
Monday 8

Hourly Schedule


1:00pm - 2:30pm
Linear Speed
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Power Conditioning & Injury rehab


10:00am - 12:30pm
COD*, Game Speed, S&C and Injury Prevention
*COD = Change of Direction


1:00pm - 2:30pm
Linear Speed
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Power Conditioning & Injury rehab


10:00am - 12:30pm
COD, Game Speed, S&C and Injury Prevention
*COD = Change of Direction

The event is finished.

Get back, better

Rehab camp

Our rehab camp is dedicated to helping you regain peak performance after injury. We provide a supportive environment and tailored program to accelerate your recovery and return to play. Speedworks have had vast experience in this area and the sessions will include:

Please note this camp is suitable for players who are past the acute phase of their injury, able to weight bear and incorporate locomotive movements in their training.

We can do single days of training or you can stay up for a number of days to receive back to back sessions and support.

Please get in touch for dates starting from 13th May at

Find your plan


The camps are designed for a minimum of 2-day blocks (Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday) but single days can be booked too.
For longer stays and further exposure to coaching, athletes are welcome to book multiple camp days in any combination they require.

Individual days available for £50.00/session.
Additional days are discounted at £35.00/session.

These camps require more bespoke coaching to the injury, please enquire now for more information.

Held at Loughborough University

Training takes place on the prestigious university grounds, with some of the best pitches, tracks and gym facilities in the country.



We work with players from

Our Clients

What our Clients SAy

Speedworks helped me recover healthier and faster after a quad strain. Thanks to their coaching and AI testing system, I regained the confidence to run faster and move better without fear of re-injury. Now, even though I've moved across the globe, I'm excited to continue working with Speedworks online.
Rosetta Taylor
Adelaide Football Club
Facing frequent injuries early in my career, their one-on-one coaching aided my rehabilitation. Speedworks not only enhanced my speed but also boosted my confidence and on-field performance. Looking forward, I aim to continue working with Speedworks to level up my game.
Maisy Barker
Ipswich Town Ladies F.C.
I’ve worked with Jonas for 9 years now. If I had gone into camp last week without being with him, I think I would of been in a much worse position from a conditioning and technical perspective, which is half the battle.
Anthony Watson
England RFU and Leicester Tigers
These guys are so knowledgeable and incredible. I’m always learning stuff when I’m here. It’s helped me with my football career massively. Everything is improving, my movement, my mobility and its helped me stay injury free which is most important
Jamie Grimes
Footballer, Chesterfield FC

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Rehab camps

From £75.00 per day

From £50.00 per day

Enquire for individual rates


From £75.00 per day


From £50.00 per day

Rehab camps

Enquire for individual rates