The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Reduce injuries - gain confidence - make the team

Face to Face Coaching

We offer 60min & 90min one-to-one sessions. Our athlete services cover all sports, ages and abilities. As a team we have accumulated numerous years of experience in different walks of life, from introducing young children to the foundations of running technique, fine tuning elite sprinters, footballers, rugby players, and returning injury prone athletes to stardom. Our costs are as follows; 60 min session is £100 or book 4 for £320 (£80 per session). 90 min sessions are £150 or book 4 for £480 (£120 per session).


Versatile for all sports and ages, proven to transition youth athletes to the professional game.

Used successfully to rehabilitate hundreds of athletes.

Producing world-class athletes, British champions and Olympians. Used by leading sport clubs, England Rugby and more.

The Speedworks Training System

At Speedworks Training, we offer a wide range of virtual/online and face-to-face athlete coaching services suitable for all abilities spanning novice all the way through to elite professionals. Our coaches have a vast array of experiences across track & field as well as team sports, covering all aspects of speed and conditioning for game-related scenarios. Whether you’re looking for program support or to get feedback on improving mechanics and technical efficiency, we have something for you.



Testing is always the starting point. We know that you cannot measure progress, without knowing where you started. The testing will be done either face to face with timing gates or virtually using Binary Video analysis. Assess, don't guess.



Develop a solid foundational base on which to build all qualities of movement. We identify, then rectify any gaps in your movement, fundamental physical capacities and develop good habits which are sustainable at high speeds for later in the training cycle. Improve body control, muscle endurance, strength and sustained performance.



Gradually develop your maximum speed and acceleration while increasing your tolerance to sub-maximal speeds so that you can do it again and again. Data analysis and feedback will allow us to model your strengths in sprinting for the most effective technical feedback.



We will challenge you with the types of movement specific to your game or event, in other words, 'training that transfers'. This includes race tactics, change of direction ability, curvilinear running, speed maintenance when using game related equipment and so on.


from £49.99


from £119.99

Choose your V-Coach Subscription plan

V-Coach is a remote coaching service in which you receive a highly individualised program with live sessions.

Who is it for?

We are able to develop speed programs for track and field, team sports (football, NFL, rugby, GAA), winter sports and the recreational and professional runner. We have a high level of expertise in training athletes and players who need a proficient combination of acceleration, deceleration, change of direction and curved running to excel at their sport. Our programs are designed to cater specifically from junior through to elite level. We support athletes directly but also work with coaches and parents who are facilitating an athlete.

We offer discounts for those wishing to sign up for periods of 3months and longer.

  • £ 175
    Per Month
  • V-Coach Bronze x4 sessions
  • £ 300
    Per Month
  • V-Coach Silver x8 sessions
  • £ 60
    One Time Payment
  • V-Coach Single Session - 30 Min
  • £ 100
    One Time Payment
  • V-Coach Single Session - 60 Min
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