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Speedworks Training System

Build the habits of efficient sprinting.

Versatile for all sports and ages, proven to transition youth athletes to the professional game.
Used successfully to rehabilitate hundreds of athletes.
Producing world-class athletes, British champions and Olympians. Used by leading sport clubs, England Rugby and more.

The Speedworks Training System


Speed testing

Testing is always the starting point.
We know that you cannot measure progress, without knowing where you started.
The testing will be done either face to face with timing gates or virtually using Binary Video analysis.
Assess, don't guess.

Step 1

Speed Conditioning

Develop a solid foundational base on which to build all qualities of movement.
We identify, then rectify any gaps in your movement, fundamental physical capacities and develop good habits which are sustainable at high speeds for later in the training cycle.
Improve body control, muscle endurance, strength and sustained performance.

Step 2

Speed Training

Gradually develop your maximum speed and acceleration while increasing your tolerance to sub-maximal speeds so that you can do it again and again.
Data analysis and feedback will allow us to model your strengths in sprinting for the most effective technical feedback.

Step 3

Event/Game speed

We will challenge you with the types of movement specific to your game or event, in other words, 'training that transfers'.
This includes race tactics, change of direction ability, curvilinear running, speed maintenance when using game related equipment and so on.

Athlete Services

At Speedworks Training, we offer a wide range of virtual/online and face-to-face athlete coaching services suitable for all abilities spanning novice all the way through to elite professionals. Our coaches have a vast array of experiences across track & field as well as team sports, covering all aspects of speed and conditioning for game-related scenarios. Whether you’re looking for program support or to get feedback on improving mechanics and technical efficiency, we have something for you.

Face To Face

Speed Squad

Our Speed Squad provides up to 20 athletes, from 11-18 years old, with an opportunity to receive regular coaching led by a technical coach and supported by our performance coaches and therapists [...]


Speedworks are offering specialist coaching for all athletes and team players looking for that extra edge in performance or for those that are returning from an injury [...]

Speed Schools

Our ‘Speed Schools’ initiative is a project focused on offering specialised performance sessions suitable for all sports [...]

Speed Lab

For one-to-one bookings in Loughborough, a new collaboration between Speedworks and Loughborough University [...]

Pre-season training

We are opening our doors for team sports athletes of all ages and abilities across the off-season (June 14th - 20th August 2021) to come and train with our team [...]



V-Coach is a remote coaching service in which you receive a highly individualised program delivered via the TrueCoach app [...]

Training Programs

A training system for athletes striving to reach their potential but are limited by a lack of speed and power, poor running technique or simply have injuries holding them back [...]

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