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How we help coaches

Learn how top coaches think

Alongside our own expert coaches, we deliver a variety of workshops, webinars and educational services in collaboration with other industry leaders to discuss all things speed and rehab.

Gain practical experience

Coaching is about problem solving. With 10 year experience, we know what is important and what isn't. We read all the latest research and figure out if it is relevant to practical coaching. We teach through self-practice; trying the exercises as a coach to discover why it works yourself.

Join our network

Stuck where you are? Settled? Many coaches we have supported have found success. Be it career progression, becoming a Speedworks coach, gaining employment with national organisation’s or beginning their own coaching practices – whatever your goals, we can help get you there.

Coach Services

At Speedworks Training we emphasise coach education with as much importance as athlete development. As such we have extended the reach of services to offer extensive coach development opportunities throughout the year. Whether you are an aspiring coach currently going through your foundational qualifications or already well-versed in your industry, there is always time for learning and development. Speedworks is currently offering a number of virtual/online and face-to-face coach development and educational services to support you through your individual or team coaching journey.

Face To Face


4 workshops currently on offer: Speed, Biomechanics and Profiling for Team Sports, Gamespeed, ACL workshop[...]

Club Consulting (Team)

Our lead coaches are available for team (group/squad/school) in-house training visits or alternatively can host group sessions at one of our facilities [...]

Club Consulting (Staff)

Our lead coaches are available for club backroom staff education/CPD visits. Content on the day can be driven by your priorities [...]


Virtual Internship

Do you feel like just another sports coach?
More so than ever with the restraints of the pandemic it’s becoming a huge challenge for aspiring and established coaches[...]

Coach Mentorship

One-to-one coach mentoring sessions are available both online and face-to-face with the aim of facilitating your development through raised self-awareness [...]


Speedworks Training continue to host their current webinar series named ‘Coaching Eye’ [...]

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