The Speedworks Training System is our methodology to developing coaches and athletes; built over 14 years through coaching a variety of individuals. We we measure performance when you start and take you on a journey of growth and improvement.

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Junior Speed Academy

Speed and Agility Training for 7-16 year olds in Loughborough

term time sessions

Holiday camps


Term time vs Holiday Camps

At Speedworks. we understand the importance of youth training and long term athlete development.  We offer sessions in both term time and during the holidays to support and nurture our youth athletes:

Term Time Sessions

Join our Speed Academy and have access to regular training sessions with our specialist coaches.

This is a great way to access specific speed training whilst complimenting what you already do at your club.
These 60 min sessions will cover the technical elements of acceleration, max velocity, agility with some general S&C work. The coach to athlete ratio is 1:6 to allow for more focused and advanced coach support.
Whether you are a team sports player looking for that extra edge with your speed and agility or a track athlete after more technical input, then please get in touch.

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Read more about our Term Time sessions.

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Holiday Camps

During the school holidays, we offer Speed Camps giving a unique opportunity for young athletes to delve into the intricacies of speed and gamespeed.

Participants will explore techniques for linear speed, change of direction, and how to integrate these skills into their game.

These 2 hour sessions have a different focus on different days covering the technical elements of either acceleration & max velocity or agility, change of direction and gamespeed. The sessions also include some general S&C.

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Read more about our Term Time sessions.

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Read more about our Holiday Camps.

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Discover what we coach and why we believe in youth athlete coaching.

Personalised Approach to Speed Training

Due to the small group sizes, our coaches will be able to personalise training, tailoring observations, assessments, and adaptations to each athlete's developmental stage. Setting both achievable and challenging goals, we prioritise progress and confidence- building. Alongside our pursuit of excellence, we recognize the significance of enjoyment in sports. Our training sessions, designed to be enjoyable and engaging, foster an enduring passion for physical activity and sportsmanship. Recognizing that speed training is just a fragment of holistic development, we emphasise crafting well-rounded athletes. Beyond the track, we concentrate on character cultivation, teamwork, and nurturing a growth mindset, poised to guide young athletes toward triumphs in sports and all facets of life.

The Importance of Youth Training

Youth athletics is not just about playing a sport; but building character, instilling discipline, and fostering a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. At Speedworks Academy, we believe that each young athlete is a unique individual with incredible potential waiting to be realised. Our mission is to provide them with the guidance, support, and expertise they need to unlock their hidden talents and rise to new heights. Speedworks have vast experience of developing youth talent and bridging the gap between development and elite performance.

Tracking Progression and Maturation

Throughout the program,we will analyse each person through our biomechanical assessments and simple anthropometric measurements. The biomechanical analysis includes a video analysis and sprints through timing gates. The anthropometric measurements are simple height and weight measurements. Both of these tests allow us to identify more clearly the individuals strengths and weaknesses and rate of maturation and clearly tailor training accordingly.

Nurturing Speed and Agility

Speed isn't just about raw acceleration; it's about developing agility, coordination, and technique. We approach speed training by taking into account the physical and cognitive development of each individual.

For the Young Beginners (Ages 7-11)

Our focus here is on building a strong foundation of fundamental movement skills. We will do this through engaging and enjoyable activities, we will cultivate their motor skills, balance, and basic coordination.

For the Emerging Athletes (Ages 12-16)

As athletes go through physical and mental maturity, we introduce more structured speed and agility drills. These help them refine their mechanics, stabilise the body after a rapid rate of growth to reduce risk of injuries, and maintain progression in their athletic performance.


Your Coaches

Liam Mistry


Matt Hill

Held at Loughborough University

Training takes place on the prestigious university grounds, with some of the best pitches, tracks and gym facilities in the country.



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Our Clients

What our Clients SAy

Speedworks helped me recover healthier and faster after a quad strain. Thanks to their coaching and AI testing system, I regained the confidence to run faster and move better without fear of re-injury. Now, even though I've moved across the globe, I'm excited to continue working with Speedworks online.
Rosetta Taylor
Adelaide Football Club
Facing frequent injuries early in my career, their one-on-one coaching aided my rehabilitation. Speedworks not only enhanced my speed but also boosted my confidence and on-field performance. Looking forward, I aim to continue working with Speedworks to level up my game.
Maisy Barker
Ipswich Town Ladies F.C.
I’ve worked with Jonas for 9 years now. If I had gone into camp last week without being with him, I think I would of been in a much worse position from a conditioning and technical perspective, which is half the battle.
Anthony Watson
England RFU and Leicester Tigers
These guys are so knowledgeable and incredible. I’m always learning stuff when I’m here. It’s helped me with my football career massively. Everything is improving, my movement, my mobility and its helped me stay injury free which is most important
Jamie Grimes
Footballer, Chesterfield FC